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The Powerform model RC103 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) provides electronic power control on most single phase resistive and inductive loads & provides remote electronic speed control of PSC, universal & shaded pole motors.

The speed may be varied using either a 2 wire 0 to 10 Volt Dc or 2 wire 2-20Ma control signal.

It is BMS compatible, and features a low foot print for ease of installation.

The unit comes standard with two minimum / maximum adjusters for quick and simple range (span & offset) adjustments.

Also available with different mounting options and features to tailor fit your application and intended use.

Suitable for applications of single or multiple / mixed use loads up to 600VA 2.5 amps 240 VAC.


  • Australian made
  • Continuous RMS power rating, with no de-rating
  • Integral EMI filters
  • Simple 2 wire PSC motor connection
  • Can control Multiple & dissimilar loads
  • Automatic off at low signals less than 0.8 VDC or 1.5 milliamp
  • Isolation of control signals and mains circuitry via transformer and opto-isolation
  • RoHS and Ctick approved
  • EMC compliant
  • Easy to follow detailed installation guide