Run-On Timers

Powerform Controls is working on a new range of run-on timers. These timers will be state of the art and include features not seen before in the Australian market. Contact us for more information.

Run-On timers are designed to keep a load (eg a fan) running after the switch has been turned off. The most common usage is for toilet exhaust systems. The run-on timer will start the fan running when the light switch is turned on and keep it running for a preset time after the light has been turned off.

The advantage over allowing the user to manually turn the fan on/off is that it will not be left running all the time by accident - after the preset delay the fan will automatically turn off. Alternatively, if the fan was wired in parallel with the light switch then the light would often be left on to clear any steam or odors, wasting electricity with the light and heating/cooling as excess air is extracted.

Powerform Controls run-on timers will come in a number of variants including multiple input versions - these are used when there is one fan that serves multiple bathrooms. The fan will come on with the first light and run-on after the last light is turned off.

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