Variable Speed Drives

The Powerform Controls range of single phase Variable Speed Drives are all single phase in - single phase out units. They are controlled by either a 0 to 10V DC or 2-20mA signal and adjust the motor speed in response.

They are simple to configure - they have minimum & maximum speed adjustments. The VSDs then ramp between these two speeds as the input changes. If the input falls below 1V/2mA then the motor will be turned off.

The larger units (5A and up) have a "manual" mode built in to make commissioning easier. In this mode there is an adjustment pot which simulates the input signal, allowing the technician to adjust the settings before the BMS is connected if required.

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  • RC103 VSD power controller.

    2.5A / 600VA 240V AC

    2.5A VSD - RC103

    The Powerform model RC103 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) provides electronic power control on most singl

    $312.00 - $350.00