10K Potentiometer

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Powerform Control's 10K Pot is a stepless manually adjustable 0-10V speed controller has been specially developed for stepless speed adjustment of an analogue EC fan that accept a 0-10V control signal or a VSD that is being used on a AC fan.

On/Off switch that switches the digital enable signal from a EC fan or VSD

Uses HPM excel wallplate with a removable knob



10kPotHpmAdaptor - 10k Pot only with HPM adaptor & knob

10kPotPanel - 10k Pot only with nut & washer & knob 

10kPotOnlyWP - 10k Pot with single hole HPM excel wall plate

10kPotBox - 10k Pot enclosed in black bulkhead enclosure

10kpotSwitchWP - 10k Pot with HPM red dot switch and excel 2 hole wall plate