2 Zone AC Controller - 3 dampers

2 Zone AC controller
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0.70 KGS
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This is the 2 zone controller for driving 3 dampers - typically used with 2 dampers for "bedrooms" and one for "lounge". It comes with a RJ12 adaptor for a standard switch mech.

There are many different options available for project quantities

  • We can source and print wallplates for a project. These can be supplied with a switch mech installed, ready for the RJ12 lead to be plugged in
  • We can supply various length RJ12 leads for both the damper and controller
  • This one has 2 damper sockets on each side - this can be expanded up to 4 dampers on each side
  • This one comes with a 80cm lead that is partially stripped, ready to be wired into an AC unit. It is also available with terminals for the mains wiring or different length leads

If you need something else that is a bit different please get in touch and we can customise it for you - because we make it locally ourselves it is easy to get the result you're after.