Run-On Timers

Powerform Control's ROT series builds on our many years of experience making Run-On Timers and includes an optional current sensor.

The unit is available with many different configurations and features as standard. The exact mix can be specified at the time of order, resulting in a timer that will meet the customers specific requirements.

Powerform's ROT series of run-on timers are primarily used for the residential apartment market. These automate the toilet/laundry/kitchen exhaust system to improve the amenity of apartments and reduce energy consumption. The ROTs enables automatic fan run time based on the activation of multiple control circuits such as two separate lights and a washer/dryer which act as triggers. A typical application is a bathroom fan assisted air extraction system where activation / deactivation of the bathroom light for longer than the delay period, initiates the fan. When the light is switched OFF, the fan runs-on for the specified ‘run-on’ time.

Start Delay
The ROT can delay turning the fan on for an adjustable period (eg 2mins). This means if the bathroom isn’t used for long the fan won’t go on (eg cleaning teeth) while if it’s used for longer (eg a shower) the fan will start. This period can be fixed or variable (standard is 0-9mins in 3 ranges). Or it can be disabled.
Range of Start Delay: immediate start or up to a 210 second delay.

Run On Range
This can be fixed or variable. The standard variable range is 0-30mins in 3 ranges however this can be changed if required (eg to 0-60mins, etc).
This sets the range of the front mounted adjuster
Run on Range: 2-10min, 10-20min, 20-30min, 30-90min 

Fan Boost
If enabled the fan will run at full speed for 2 seconds when it turns on to ensure it starts properly and any backflow prevention devices are open

Current Sensor
The ROT6 is available with either an 20A or 5A internal or external current sensor built in. This allows the unit to be trigged when a load is activated - from rangehoods to dryers and everything inbetween. This enables the current sensor if it is fitted. Has no effect if it is not fitted.

Timer Cancel
This allows the resident to cancel the run on time by switching the input on for less than 1 second then off again. This may be desirable if they can hear the fan at night after a brief toilet visit 




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